Esther Ding

We work alongside the Khmer people in Thom Province – partnering with the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Alor Star, Malaysia and Esther Ding Ministries in under-developed rural areas of the Kompong Thom Province.
Esther Ding Ministries
Teams are accommodated at the Khmer Village Homestay, established to promote local industry as a means of alleviating rural poverty. Whilst in Baray meals will be provided by the SOLAR Café, where locals are trained and equipped in hospitality and catering.
Medical and Dental Teams
If you’re a doctor or a dentist, your help is most welcome in the outlying village where medical facilities are hard to come by.
Home / School Visits / Youth Hostel
Join us at the village primary schools and local high school to facilitate learning activities (English Teaching) with the students. Help them to discover their greatest potential. Teaching materials are also in great demand.
Repairing of Home and Public Facilities
Do join us and help to repair poorer homes and local facilities such as schools, repair road, make-well pavement.
Church Programs
Join with churches in youth ministry, prayer and community involvement projects.
Art and Craft
Join us in teaching and sharing in art and craft.