As India struggles to cope with the Covid19 crisis, our India office directors share with ‘Pray As One‘ some urgent prayer requests and an update us on how they – and the national leaders they are responsible for across India – are responding.

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Video for MV India Office Directors – recorded for Pray As One – May 2021

Video Transcript:

M: Thank you thank you so much … for this opportunity. My wife and I are so privileged and honoured to be with you and speak about our nation – what is really happening and at the outset we praise God and thank you so much for all of you, for the leadership and standing behind even the first wave of this Covid situation.

Our leaders in the mission field were really struggling but you were able to help them on the mission field regardless of colour, creed and religion we were able to go and distribute care packages such as rice and groceries, salt, daal – which is really helpful for them to feed themselves during this last lockdown.

And we are praying, and the situation is getting worse than the one before, but we are praying and asking the Lord to deliver our nation. And the word of God says, the scripture says, the righteous shall cry out to the Lord and he hears the cry and he delivers the people from the affliction. That’s what we believe and we’re coming with a prayer request that you could pray for our nation.

And really our hearts are filled with a panic that when we come to know that some of our leaders from the mission field are losing their lives. They have left behind their children and the wives have left behind husbands and children.

And some of them have become orphans also. Even not only that, we can say that one of my friends has said that they have become ‘Covid and orphans’. There is nothing somebody could do to help these people. The situation is really bad, and we have to pray for the situation and really some of our leaders in the mission field recently they were unable to go to the hospital. And one of the testimonies that I would like to share of one of one leader in the mission field working, and he was affected by the Covid. And he went to different hospitals and he could not get any better and there was no oxygen for him and he came back home with the assistance of one nurse. He was there isolated at home and they were helping him in the bedroom.

But the infection went very high – 90% of infection – when finally he was at the point of death and we were just praying and he had only one oxygen cylinder. Then finally we were praying that we could help to get into the hospital from one state to another state. He got a bed and now he has an oxygen. Since two days he was not on oxygen, but God is really miraculously helping him, and he almost got healed and he is going to be discharged from the hospital within 2 to 3 days’ time.

And we together, as a congregation, as a people of God, would help them. And there are some other people also that you’re helping – but some of the people, we are unable to help them because they are living in the far distance and lockdown. And the situation is not so favourable. Even today I am supposed to go and attend one of the burial funerals service, but I am unable to go and attend.

So those are the situations that we are in.

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And we really have to pray, and we’ve got some prayer requests also, that we should pray for our nation and the nations to be free from the pandemic situation. That is one of the prayer requests that I would like to share with you.

Pray for India, and the nations, to be free from the pandemic situation.

And also, please pray for our leaders on the mission field. Pray for their families and for their congregations to be protected.

And most of the people are really scared because of the situation but the Lord the Holy Spirit may help them and empower them to stay firm in the faith and make provision to their needs according to his riches in glory.

For the leaders in the mission field, their families and congregations to be protected. That the Holy Spirit will help them to stand firm in their faith and provide for their essential needs.

And also, we pray for the government, and the medical departments, and all of the related departments ,that they may have a special wisdom during the situation how they can help people. You know, I mean, the situation is demanding that we should have a lockdown. But many people are unable to survive because of the lockdown. Because they have to depend on their work. Most of the people here are on daily wages. If they don’t work they can’t earn any bread. And the government also has a dilemma on what to do. Lockdown or not? If we put the lockdown, the people are going to have struggles in their lives because lack of the food. And if they are not having a lockdown, another problem, the virus is spreading like a wildfire. And the people are dying.

For Government and medical departments to make wise decisions to help the people.

So you have to pray for the government and the medical department or health department under the relevant departments that they will be able to take wise decisions how they could help the people.

And also pray for all the ministries and charity organisations that are wanting to step out and stretch their hands in helping the people that are in desperate need.

For the ministries and organisations wanting to reach out to those in desperate need.

And another prayer request is to pray for there to be a person of responsibility obeying all the fundamental principles that would really protect them personally, and family, and other families in the society. And so this is our prayer request and please pray that our nation and the nations around the world –not only India but other nations also – is struggling.

For those with responsibility to obey fundamental principles that would protect society.

And we will praise God for other nations that are really responding to help audition. Even today I have seen that oxygen canisters are really being provided. They are coming from the UK and the US and other parts of the country. And thank you so much for all your help and we really admire what the Lord is doing and would you please continue to pray for us that sometimes really to travel.

There is no option that sometimes we are obligated to travel to visit our leaders in the ministry. Not only our leaders … our congregations and even the people in the community. If somebody is really struggling how can we just see them? Not just saying sympathy words but we need to be empathetic …. put words into action and help them. That’s what we are doing. There are so many. The other children we are helping. Other leaders, other communities are you see the last time also we were able to go travel maybe hundreds of kilometres to reach out into some interior villages when nobody has seen this situation and help them.

That key leaders will be able to travel, to encourage other leaders, communities and those living in remote areas.

And we are the people went over there and help them and they were so happy, and they said one thing, that throughout our lives we cannot forget you. Maybe this is a possible help that we can give a small bag of rice and daal and some of the things that we provide-but the people are so happy about it.

Okay so continue to pray for us and God bless you and thank you for all your support and prayers and generous hearts towards this ministry. God bless you and we love you, thank you.

B: Yeah our humble request is that please pray for our country because a lot of people are not having mothers; children are not having mothers; some children are not having fathers.

For the children who are crying because they have lost mothers and fathers.

The children are crying so much, so when we heard the cries of the children our hearts are filled with a lot of sadness, filled with sorrow, so please pray for them and we are planning to reach out the children and help them and help those people. Please pray for that. Thank you so much.