Ministry Initiatives

Our heart is to see the Good News of Jesus, and the life transformation He brings, spread among all the peoples.Our ministry initiatives provide a framework for our missionary activity, through personal relationships, intentional projects and strategic ministries – for the glory of God’s Kingdom!

One of our greatest joys is to equip pastors and Christian leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to be effective disciple makers. Well-trained leaders are key to a healthy and growing church. Around the world, MV missionaries are working with local church leaders to provide Bible training to pastors and key Christian leaders.

We are committed to spread the gospel among those peoples the church has yet to reach.  We support the advancement of church planting movements around the world and support the pioneering efforts of national church planters.

Through Christian Schools, we are investing in dynamic disciple-making that transforms individuals and communities to reach their God-given potential. We believe that the Gospel restores identity and education unlocks opportunity. Around the developing world, Missionary Ventures serves local Christian Schools by strengthening them to carry out this Kingdom calling.

We desire to see families and communities thrive. We seek to see individuals become not only followers of Jesus but also see families lifted out of the cycles of poverty and disease. Our strategy includes contextualized community health training, medical centers, vocational training, re-nutrition centers and clean water initiatives.

Where is God calling you? We mobilize ordinary people, just like you, in impactful ministry opportunities and for varying lengths of service. Visit the GO section to learn more.

Missionary Ventures mobilizes ordinary people, just like you, in extraordinary ministry opportunities.

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Matthew 28:19

Although we are not primarily a relief agency, we will mobilise disaster relief teams and send supplies, in regions and nations where we have workers and ministry partners on the ground and ready to respond.

Our Mission & Vision

  • Our vision is to see the Gospel communicated in all nations.
  • Our mission to fulfill that vision is to equip and empower the church worldwide to make disciples and transform nations.
  • Pulling both our vision and mission together, we are “Involving People to Impact Nations for Christ.”

How We Started

Our international ministry began in 1983, following a devastating earthquake in Guatemala. In support of the local church, we built relationships and shared Christ, repeating this time and again with measurable results.


From these early efforts, two core values quickly emerged: a commitment to empowering national Christian leadership and a desire to mobilise the church in missions.

How We Operate

Involvement in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20)
By encouraging Christians to look beyond themselves to share the love and message of Jesus Christ, both at home and cross-culturally.


By consistently evaluating how our ministries are empowering, equipping and mobilizing national believers to fulfill their destiny in Christ – fully functioning as Christ’s ambassadors to the world.

Facilitate National Ministry
By strengthening the local church through partnership and empowering the leadership God is raising up from among them.

Strategic Investment
Through careful investment of resources and strong partnerships to enhance the work of the global church in developing disciples.