Your gift, of any amount, will enable us to support and resource our National Leaders and Ministry Partners to reach out to their communities with the love of Jesus.

With so many possible individuals or projects to support, it may be difficult to decide where to allocate your gift – so we have included a ‘Core Mission’ option, whereby you authorise us to prioritise the area where your donation can have the most timely impact.

Otherwise, please use the stories on this website, or contact us, to help you decide which of the following categories you wish to support – and use the ‘Donation Notes’ field in the form to give any specific directions.

Thank you so much for your prayerful support and partnership in missions!

When you donate to our Core Mission fund, you authorise us to prioritise where your gift is most urgently needed and can have the greatest impact… 

Support one of our National Leaders

Support a project or ministry overseen by one of our National Leaders.

Support the radio hosts and 24/7 operations, or help provide new broadcast equipment …

Support relief for communities affected by disaster, overseen by one of our National Leaders.

Your support enables us to effectively administer donations sent overseas.

Or, support community outreach and ministry In New Zealand.