Our beliefs as a mission - the lens through which we see God and people

We believe God the Father is loving and forgiving.
We believe that Jesus, God’s only Son, laid down His life as a perfect sacrifice for the sins of the world.
We believe that salvation is available to all who believe and confess Christ as Saviour.
We believe  Jesus has called and equips all believers to go into the world to tell, as well as to demonstrate the gospel of the kingdom of God.
We believe the Holy Spirit dwells within the life of every believer to teach, equip, anoint, and comfort us to live the Christian life with joy, patience and endurance.
We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God, profitable for teaching, correction, and training in righteousness, in order that Christ’s redemptive purpose can be known in the world.
We believe the church is the organic and corporate expression of God’s purpose and love, comprised of individual believers who worship, love, and care for one another.
We believe that discipleship is the key to effective evangelism and ministry.
We believe that effective discipleship must comprehend and address the culture where ministry occurs.