Mission Ventures Thailand
Directors: Supol and Suan Kee Phangtan; Nipon Phangtan

Directors of Mission Ventures Thailand
Church Planting
Children’s Shelter & Feeding
Outreach to Thais living in Malaysia
Encouraging and Equipping Church Leaders

Ministry among prostitutes

Networking and prayer with other churches
Facilitating mission teams and groups from Malaysia and other countries


Suan Kee, Supol and Nipon are a part of our global MotiVate family and are the directors of Mission Ventures Thailand.


Their mission is to plant and grow churches across Thailand focusing on places where no church has been planted yet.


In the past year God has accelerated their church planting ministry and 9 churches have been planted in the south, northwestern and northeastern Thailand.


Through these churches, they are able to reach out to the communities with the love and salvation of Christ especially to the children who come from broken homes, street children, needy families and the women within the red-light districts.


Most of them have not heard the gospel ever before and there is a great need for ministry and the love of God within those communities.


Their vision is to see many more churches planted across Thailand where less than 1% of the 69 million population are believers.