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Your gift, of any amount, will enable us to support and resource Tonga Christian Radio to reach out to Tongans with the love of Jesus.

Please use donation categories below to help you decide what part of the radio ministry you wish to support – and use the ‘Donation Notes’  field in the form to give any specific directions.

Thank you so much for your partnership and prayerful support of Tonga Christian Radio!

Donation options for Tonga Christian Radio:

Station Personnel

You may not be aware that neither Willy Florian (Station manager) or any of the radio hosts have ever received a salary for their ministry on the radio, or any of the other ministries run by the radio station for up to 20 years.

With the recent sharp rise in the costs of living in the islands, along with limited employment opportunities, we are now seeking to secure income for the equivalent of at least two full-time paid workers.

Station Operations

Some have asked what our monthly running costs are. Our utility bills (power, water, phone, internet) average NZ$1,100 monthly – with our electricity bill being particularly high given that that we need to keep the studio space and transmitter room cool and dry with air-conditioning (high humidity damages equipment) – as well as keeping the transmitter running!

Transmission Systems

We are inviting major donations to equip the radio station facility with new transmission systems. This will involve moving the mast to another part of the station site, so we must first construct a new, strong foundation. Please contact us for an update on the estimated cost.