Missionaries Obed and Cara Zuleta have been encouraging a local Guatemalan church to reach out in missions. Cara writes, “They got excited and put together a few Bible classes for kids, and then Obed accompanied them to a small, poor community called Panquix. As we hoped, this church realized they could make a difference in the lives of others, and returned a second time for a 3-day Vacation Bible School. Being in a distant community, sharing with its people, got into their hearts. So this year they organized an activity to share the Gospel and give toys to all the kids.

Salvation bracelets were the base of the message. Each child made a bracelet, participated in some games, and then heard the message of salvation using their new bracelet. So many mothers came to the event that the pastor’s wife took them to another room and shared the gospel with them in a more grown-up way.

Giving out the toys was very fun.  They were simple things but they made the kids happy. One little boy, about 5 years old, caught Obed’s attention. He had been given a plastic ball that costs 2 Quetzals ($0.25 cents) and was hugging it and smiling the biggest smile ever. I guess when your family only makes $6.50 a month, a ball is not a possibility. Our son brought his soccer ball along to have a game with the boys. He told me that there was only one soccer ball in the community and they were reluctant to use it, in case it got lost or ruined. Now there are lots of balls to play with!