Mindoro island in the Philippines, is again experiencing major flooding, with houses being washed away and crops destroyed, and a subsequent strong earthquake has shaken locals even more.

We have received the following report from our Field Coordinator, Ps Danny Macuha:

Due to non-stop heavy rain (July 20-July 26) caused by southwest monsoon and Typhoon Fabian, five rivers in Mindoro Island were overflowed and hundreds of houses were flooded. Some of our co-labourers affected were forced to evacuate together with thousand more individuals. Some who live in a more high places are also struggling to their everyday living. The island’s economy went down having infrastructure and agricultural damage.

Amid Luzon-wide heavy rains, two strong earthquakes having 6.6 and 5.5 magnitude struck Batangas on Saturday morning, July 24, 2021. By God’s grace, no immediate casualties were reported but some of the churches here had some slight building damaged. We believed that it is the mighty hand of God who kept us safe and protected. We are continuously asking for your prayer that not only God sustains us but also for us to have the positive mindset with regards to this situation.

Another local witness posted that …

“there are those who are asking for help from the river on their roof. They can’t be helped because of the strong flow.”

Pray for Ps Danny Macuha (Field Coordinator – Batangas and Mindoro), along with his family and teams, as they prepare to take urgently needed assistance to affected communities.

Donations are now closed for this appeal, but you can still make a general donation towards personnel support, community projects and future relief needs here

Thank you!