Update from our MVThailand Directors:

Praise God, MVT is able to continue providing food relief to the Myanmar Karen refugees.

Pastor S and team are able to travel to the border once again to bring in foodstuff and clothings to the refugees.

They will be making the trip today (Tuesday 7 December).

Please pray for God’s protection over them.

Thank you.  

Pastor S is planning to make another trip on the 18th December.

Your donation, of any amount, will go directly to our MVThailand co-workers to assist with their relief efforts for the Myanmarese refugees.

(state purpose ‘Myanmar Relief’ when making donation)


Our leaders at MVThailand report that they are “very thankful to God for His protection upon MVT’s pastors and their team as they bring foodstuffs to the Karen Refugees at the border” and added that “many refugees came out and took the foodstuffs near the river … Praise God!”


As the military coup in Myanmar continues, with soldiers targeting innocent villagers, our Thai pastors have made regular trips to the border to distribute food, medical supplies and other essential items to the Karen refugees. This is a very dangerous operation, with up to three days of travel on very poor roads, and with opposition from both the Myanmarese and the Thai army along with the Covid situation. But still they are determined to press forward, and we’re helping to fund the next relief trip due to take place before Christmas.