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Bishop Philip & Jemima Gonzalez (Mindanao) have been travelling to the various churches they oversee on Bohol and northern Mindanao,, and they have just returned from Leyte where they led a local team to start rebuilding churches – which members can also use for shelter as they rebuild their own homes.


Pastor Rolly & Nimfa Vasey continue to reach out with essential relief aid to the Bella Vista community and other remote areas which were badly affected by the typhoon.

Sadly, 9 boats that we have provided for coastal ministry in the past 10 years were seriously damaged or destroyed, and we are now in the process of approving funds for repairs or replacement through our transportation program.


Pastor Danny & Lorie Macuha (Mindoro) were able to bless 250 families on Mindoro island and 27 pastors and their families in Batangas.