As tropical storms continue to affect the Mindoro province, the need for clean drinking water calls for immediate action.

The tremendous flooding brought about by the storms ravaging the country during the rainy season has caused flash floods, therefore contaminating water used for drinking, cooking and cleaning.

Recently, there has been an outbreak of cholera and other water-borne illnesses due to unsanitary water.

In order to access safe drinking water, the people of the remote Mangyan communities in the municipality of Mamburao need to walk 1.5.kms to access spring water originating from the nearby mountain. However, getting to the spring seems nearly impossible as the flash floods have made the terrain slippery and dangerous.

Field Coordinator Pastor Danny Macuha is leading the clean water project. With your donation, two communities – including 1 community school comprising almost 90 families –  will be provided clean, safe drinking water.

In this project, 4 tanks will be provided to 2 communities. These tanks will be fed from the main source, to act as a reservoir that can hold at least 1800L of water. Upon completion, water will be accessible to the remote communities of Sitio Pitogo and Sitio Bugtot.

Your financial help will greatly contribute to this life-changing project.