THAILAND – Thai Seminary Students serving in North-East region

Story by Suan Kee Chee – MVThailand

MVThailand organised and hosted a team of seminary students from North-Eastern Bible Seminary to serve in MV Amnat Charoen and MV Ubon churches for 2 weeks in their respective communities.

Praise and thank God for Pastors’ Somporn and Kambang, and also the North-Eastern Bible Seminary’s students.

They had a very fruitful and blessed time together.

The students led the Sunday service, and visited the villagers and children in their own homes.

Praise the Lord, there were many opportunities to pray for and share Christ’s love and His Good News with the villagers.

We thank God for His leading. Hallelujah!

Many of the villagers were hearing about Christ for the first time.

Please pray that the seeds of salvation that have been planted in their lives will bear fruit for His kingdom.

And the Lord said unto the servant, “Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” Luke 14:23