Refund Policy:

As most payments to MotiVate are donations for local office support or overseas purposes, and not for goods or services received, refunds cannot be given unless required under current legislation or in the event of a payment error.

Refunds will be considered on an individual basis for trip members who have paid to travel on an overseas trip for urgent medical, family or other legitimate reasons – if not covered by the organisation’s travel insurance policy.

Cancellation Policy:

Refunds will be considered on an individual basis on request, and as determined under current legislation.

Service Delivery Policy:

All donations received will be processed and disbursed to the designated recipient for the intended purpose as soon as possible, and in line with strategic requirements.

If, for any reason, a designated gift cannot be forwarded for the intended purpose or is no longer required (for example, if a project is completed) we will contact you to discuss alternative arrangements to apply the funds to another purpose with your prior agreement.

You may contact our office at any time using the contact info on our website at