We’ve just received an urgent plea for help from Ps Moses Chikuta – Senior Pastor of Agape Christian Fellowship and our Field Administrator based in Dedza, Malawi. Several members of his wider family have been left homeless following an attack from neighbouring villagers. He writes …

46 houses of [the] home village of Ps Moses Chikuta …in Lilongwe rural … were burnt to ashes by angry and evil neighboring villagers from [a neighbouring] village around mid-night of Sunday, 7th June, 2020 leaving them completely with nothing except their escaped lives!

On the morning of Saturday, 6th June, a man from [the other village] was found dead on some bushes between these two villages. For this reason, the whole villagers ambushed their neighbor villages concluding that they are responsible for the death of the man yet it was not them in reality. The case is in the hands of police who came the following day.

Houses were demolished and burnt down, food storages were burnt as well stolen, goats, chickens being burnt and some taken away. This was a serious disaster ever happened to Moses’ biological sisters, brothers and relatives who are now mostly desperate with their children for food, shelter, and everything for life.

We’ve already sent advance funds of $1,000 to assist with the recovery, and invite you to prayerfully consider helping with a further donation towards the remaining $4,3000 needed to help these families with temporary shelter, second-hand clothing and a month’s supply of essential food.

Donate where needed
Donate where needed
(reference: Malawi village)