MALAWI – Many dead and property destroyed by major storm

Report from Lloyd Thabatha – Director, MV South Africa On the 23rd of January a tropical storm travelled through South of Malawi. Nsanje and Chikwawa were the worst hit district. Hundreds of households have been heavily affected, churches destroyed, roads are wiped out and electricity is also affected and many people died to date. I […]

MALAWI – Awesome Power of Blessing

We recently partnered with Richard Brunton to provide 1,500 copies of the ‘Awesome Power of Blessing’ and ‘The Blessing Effect’ books for our partners in Malawi – Ps Moses Chikuta and Ps Arnold Thomeya. Here’s the report we just received from Ps Moses … “Greetings … in the Lord’s name! How awesome is our Lord […]

MALAWI – Attack on rural village leaves families homeless

Malawi - rural Lilongwe village attack

We’ve just received an urgent plea for help from Ps Moses Chikuta – Senior Pastor of Agape Christian Fellowship and our Field Administrator based in Dedza, Malawi. Several members of his wider family have been left homeless following an attack from neighbouring villagers. He writes … 46 houses of [the] home village of Ps Moses […]

MALAWI – Bringing hope to the South after the floods

Aid for South Malawi

Pastor Moses in Malawi asks us to pray with him for the Widows Livelihood project, “whereby, we aim at empowering poor women and widows in the South of Malawi in the areas where floods washed everything from people and none has hope for survival. The areas of Chikwawa and Nsanje districts are good for animal […]