Ps Moses & Grace Chikuta

Field Administrator
● Bearing the testimony of Jesus Christ to all peoples;
● Planting local churches and raising up Christian leaders and workers;
● Demonstrating the practical love of God to socially underprivileged people groups within areas of serving.
● Leadership Training and Equipping
● Mission Training
● Schools Outreach
● Community Development
Ps Moses & Grace Chikuta are MV’s Field Administrators for Malawi.
Ps  Moses is the founder and director of Christian Faith Community Church (FCC) and attended William Carey Mission School in Durban Natal.
FCC is a Faith-Based Organisation (FBO) registered under Dedza District Council, working at grassroots level as an inter-denominational and non-partisan charity.
The Social Community Development Arm works in the rural communities of Dedza district.
The Church serves with the Malawi Government in Social and Development Services through its Social Community Development Arm known as Grace Children Charity – working in the rural communities of Dedza district.